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Managing your Application


Accessing your account and application

You will need to log into your Leeds Homes account in order to access and manage your application.

For further assistance on accessing your account with Leeds Homes click the link below to view a help and guidance video




For further assistance for if you forget your account login details click the link below to view a help and guidance video.




Updating your application

It is essential that the information we hold about your application for housing is up to date.

Please update us with any changes, for example, if you have a new phone number, you have moved address or if you want to add or remove someone from the application.

You can update your application online by logging on and amending the relevant section.

For some changes you will need to provide proofs before the application can be updated. For instance:

  • Proof of a change of address including a ‘care of’ address
  • Identification documents for anyone being added to the housing application.
  • Identification documents and 5 year housing history if someone wants to be made a joint applicant.


The application form will tell you if you need to provide proof of the change and how you can do this.


Advocate consent

If you would like to give your permission for a relative or support worker to be able to bid for homes on your behalf, you can include this in your initial application. If you need to request this once you are already registered, just log in to your account and complete that section.


Annual renewals

We will contact you once a year to ask if you want to stay on the housing register and check whether your circumstances have changed or there’s anything you may have forgotten to tell us.

When you receive your email reminder, you will need to log into your application and go through it to check all the information is correct and then resubmit. You can make any necessary changes. If you don’t do this within 3 months  of us contacting you, your application will be closed and you will have to re-apply.


Housing priority bands

When you register with us we will assess your housing needs and your application will be placed in one of the following bands:

  • Band A - This band is for households who have an urgent need to move.
  • Band B - This band is for households who have a moderately urgent need to move.
  • Band C - This band is for all other households including those with a low or no housing need.
  • Band D - This band is for all other households including home owners, and households who have no connection to Leeds or are ineligible to be rehoused by the council.


When deciding which band you should be in we will look at your medical needs, your housing conditions, whether you are homeless and any other reason that you need to be rehoused. Once your application is registered we notify you of your housing banding or contact you to arrange a more in depth assessment.

To view the council’s lettings policy (including information on bands) see:

Band A and Band B priority bandings are awarded for 180 days.  We will contact you to let you know when your priority is due to expire. You can request that your priority is extended details of which will be provided in the communication. All extension requests are considered on an individual basis.

If at a later stage you would like to request a re-assessment of your housing need, you can log in to your account and update your application with the relevant information. You will then be contacted to discuss your circumstances.


If you disagree with a decision about your housing you are entitled to request a review. This is carried out by an independent officer.

To request a review, write to the review panel at:

City Centre Hub
Merrion House
110 Merrion Centre


You can also e-mail:

Please include your full name and login number and a contact phone number.