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Mutual Exchange


What is a Mutual Exchange?

A mutual exchange is when two or more council or housing association tenants decide to swap homes. Need to downsize or upsize to meet your family need? Want to be nearer friends, family or to move for work? A mutual exchange could be a fast and easy way to find a new home.


How to register a Mutual Exchange request

You need to register for free with which is a national website for social landlord tenants that can help you find someone to swap homes with either within Leeds or elsewhere. Housing Association tenants will also need to register a separate housing application on our site.

Following registration why not share your property advert on their Facebook and Twitter sites:


When you’ve found a swap

We always suggest you check each other’s homes before agreeing to a swap. You’ll need to check how much rent you’ll have to pay and if any of your rights will be affected e.g. right to buy. You will be responsible for maintaining any improvements or alterations that have been made by the current tenant.

Once you have agreed a mutual exchange in principle, all parties must gain approval from their own landlords. Housing Leeds tenants need to fill in a mutual exchange request form and return it to their local housing office, community hub or one stop centre.

Before you move your landlord will need to check your home and we will carry out gas and electric safety checks. Your move may be delayed if your home or garden are not in good condition, you have rent arrears, or you have broken your tenancy agreement in any way.

Your landlord has the right to refuse the swap, but they will contact you to tell you why this is.


After your landlord has agreed to the swap

When your landlord has written to say you can swap homes, you’ll be asked to sign a Deed of Assignment to transfer your tenancy to the new address. Once you have signed the Deed you’ll be the legal tenant of your new home and will lose the right to stay in your old home. You’ll need to agree a date for moving on or soon after the signing. You must tell your current landlord when you have arranged a date so we can arrange the necessary inspections.


Moving to a home owned by another landlord

Your housing office will pass on details about your current home to your new landlord. This will include information about your rent payments and how you have managed your tenancy.


£500 Mutual exchange incentive scheme for Leeds City Council tenants

  • Are you under occupying your current home?
  • Are you overcrowded in your current home?
  • Do you have either priority Band A or Band B on your housing application?


If you answered yes to any of the above and are a Leeds City Council tenant, you could potentially receive £500 if you carry out a mutual exchange with another Leeds City Council Tenant. For further details of the incentive scheme please visit: