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Retirement Life

Published: Wednesday 25 September 2019

Leeds City Council is no longer using the term ‘Sheltered Housing’ for older people’s accommodation and the new name will be ‘Retirement LIFE’

Find out Council Housing average waiting times with our Social Housing Picker

Published: Wednesday 27 March 2019

The Social Housing Picker provides an average number of weeks to rehouse calculation by Council Ward area, based on lettings over the last 5 years to customers in their chosen categories.

PLEASE NOTE: The results are only a guide and do not guarantee that you will be rehoused in this period of time. Leeds City Council cannot accept any responsibility for the outcome of decisions made by an applicant based on the information provided here.

To use the tool click here


New Text Messaging (SMS) Number from Wednesday 20th February

Published: Tuesday 19 February 2019

The easiest way to bid is using this website.

Alternatively you can place bids by text to 07786 201241 or use our automated IVR service on (0118) 3151262. 


Tip: Save these numbers to your phone book so you can quickly place bids. 


You will need your login (bidding) number, memorable date (if you have not provided us with your email address, this will be your date of birth), and the reference numbers for the properties you want to bid on.

Login reference followed by date of birth followed by CBL numbers 

For example, your message should look like this:

(CBL No - DOB - Property Numbers) 123456 01/01/2000 15 22 45


You will receive a text message back confirming your bid has been recorded and your latest position ion the shortlist. If your bid(s) cannot be recorded, for whatever reason, we will tell you why and explain what you should do next.

If you send the wrong details you will receive a text message telling you your bid hasn't been processed, and your details will need to be sent again.  If you send the details in the wrong format you will be informed about this by text message.  You will also be advised if you send a text after the deadline has expired.

If the you wish you can also bid over the phone by calling (0113) 222 4413